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Market Data as a Service
For Retail and Institutional Brokers, Trading and Analytical Platforms, and Educational Platforms with Paper Trading
We offer flexible market data subscriptions to financial industry firms' end-users. We handle the entire operational process with exchanges, so you never have to.
Key benefits
By providing market data as a service, we target and solve the main challenges associated with deploying and managing subscriptions in real-time, delayed and historical market data.
Easy integration via API
Easy onboarding for traders
Zero cost infrastructure
Global instruments
Tick-level data
No exchange fees
Compare service types
• Subscription
• Exchange agreements for
• Payments
• Reporting
• Licensing
Market Data Subscription Portal
dxFeed handles
• Integration via API
Client handles
• Exchange agreements for traders
• Reporting
• Licensing
Exchange Compliant Onboarding Wizard
dxFeed handles
• Subscription
• Payments
• Integration via API
Client handles
Comprehensive data sets and tools
  • Real-time, delayed, historical data feeds
  • Charting
  • Greeks, Implied Volatility
  • Market scanner for equities and options
Various indices and indicators
  • Calculation and distribution of a wide variety of indices and indicators
  • Pre-built and custom formulas and coverage
Multiple data types
  • Full order depth
  • Price level candles
  • Volume analysis with price level breakdowns
  • Market profile
Fully-featured historical service
  • Secure storage of 500+TB of compressed data, which holds up to 3+Pb uncompressed
  • Daily acquisition of 350GB of data per second
  • Cloud market replay
Variety of asset classes
Equities & ETFs
Fixed income
Direct connections to global exchanges
Exclusive worldwide infrastructure
Our technology
Proprietary data management technology
Reliability and resilience
Trusted by leading companies
end-users through direct and B2B2C relationships
simultaneously streaming clients
years on the market
Try market data as a service
Learn how your business can cut costs and improve your market data offerings
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